a blog about daughters in crisis and the moms who love them


Welcome to Spoudazo!

I am Anna Dazo, a normal mom thrust into abnormal circumstances.

I’m going to share my stories, my discoveries, and my resources about the long journey through the deep valley our family has traveled for the past five years. I have spent countless hours researching, reaching out, conversing, reading, and praying. Many, many times I typed the same key words, hoping that Google would suddenly point me to a place just like this, a place where a real person going through a real time of crisis with her daughter could tell me she understands how I feel and offer me a bit of encouragement and hope.

It’s also important to have someone remind us of things to smile about.

Right up front, I’ll tell you that this blog is written by a Christian. God is my worldview. The Bible is the love letter He wrote to me, and it’s my road map to the land of promise. Jesus is the way, truth, and wellspring of life. His example of undying, unconditional love provides me with a Day Star that is undoubtedly leading my family toward our desired harbor of healing, wholeness, and harmony. I have positive and powerful words to write. I have a song in my heart.

If you stay with me for awhile, you will see me as I am, and you can decide if reading this blog is worthwhile to you or not. I don’t intend to preach (much) or push, but I won’t cover up my light. I’ve experienced things that have shaken my existence and called everything about it into question, including my faith. My happy little bubble-like life was invaded by a very real war inside of the soul of my child. I’m learning how to fight a good fight in spite of myself. We’ve lost some battles, but I do carry the hope that ultimately we’ll win the war. Maybe others can learn from my stories. I would like to learn from you.

Feedback is welcome — from parents, progeny, grandparents, siblings, friends — all ages and perspectives are valuable. Leave comments or send me a private message: spoudazo.blog@gmail.com.


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