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You Are Not Alone

Discovering that your daughter struggles with an issue like self-injury disrupts your equilibrium. While more and more families are affected by this issue, it’s still uncommon enough that it can make you feel isolated, alone and misunderstood.

I felt desolate and devastated when it all started. I had never heard of self-injury. I knew nothing about it and was totally baffled by it. Why would someone consider hurting themselves?

I started trying to educate myself, but my sense of isolation was actually compounded by my research. I kept finding psychological banter laden with heavy doses of guilt about the types of family situations or life events that made people want to resort to harming themselves. Our family didn’t match the profiles I read about, but I couldn’t help absorbing shame and guilt and culpability nonetheless.

For the sake of my daughter, myself and my family, I made up my mind to continue reaching out until I found the sources of empathy, support and wise counsel we all needed. I wanted real answers and real solutions, not just pills and positive thinking. I found what I was looking for. Best of all, I found out what powerful things God can do in these situations. He put incredible people upon our path who walked alongside us and helped us tremendously. Our sense of aloneness gradually faded. Healing began for all of us. God is good.

You can find the support you need too. I invite you start here. Send me an email at spoudazo.blog@gmail.com.

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